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Welcome to the She-Tribe
of HDFC Bank 

We're here because we care for you, and we are committed to your Emotional Health & Overall Wellbeing.​Thrive Cafe & HDFC Bank bring you a unique self care solution that puts the power in your hands to take chargeof your own wellness with a self care solutionthat is designed to make your life richer and easier.​All it needs is for you to commit and start!

Never Eat Emotions

That’s not good for heath. An emotionally healthy individual would be aware of underlying emotions and embrace & manage them during times of challenge or change. It enables people like you and I to easily cope with pressure, have better relationships, better conversations and bounce back after setbacks. 


How this works



Complete your self assessment

Spend 5 minutes to take this simple self assessment that will give you some insights into yourself, and what are the contributors to your emotional wellness.

You can complete this before making any payment


Explore recommended session plan

The self assessment will help us personalise your session plan and recommend what will help you improve your emotional health and burnout recovery.

You can explore all sessions prior to making any payment


Pay and Get started

Once you decide that this tool can support you in your own healing and burnout recovery, make the payment and get started.

Remember, when you complete
6 sessions in 6 months, your entire payment will be refunded. 

For any questions,
contact us at

For any questions,
contact us at

Self Care was never this easy!
What happens in Thrive Cafe, Stays in Thrive Cafe

Self Awareness

Take the simple self assessment to understand which parts of your life are your strengths, and which need further developing.

Personal & Private

All our sessions are designed for you to explore and develop in the safely of your own mind, and its your choice to apply into your everyday life

Anytime, Anywhere

Our sessions are modular, with short 2-3min videos and activities. This means you can break it up and complete it as per your convenience.


Sign up!

Grab a coffee, explore the platform.

Spend some time with the self assessment.

And if you find it useful, sign up and get started with your own self care.

This offer is available till 30th April 2024

More about us


Everyday Emotional Self Care Web App.

We all go through our emotional ups and downs. Often we ignore, suppress or distract ourselves when times are tough.

While this works in the moment, it adds up as stress and burnout.

Thrive Cafe is here to help with therapy like sessions designed for everyday challenges, easy to use, and apply into your lives.

Emotional SOS Management

Does it happen, that something triggers you, and you spiral downwards and are unable to function normally?

We've got you covered. 

Explore our Emotional SOS section where we have a spread of 2min solutions that are sure to help you regain your balance and focus on the task at hand.

Designed by Experts with over 100 years of experience

We've partnered with super specialists to design our menu. 

And they have come together to make it simple and easy for you to apply in your life, and maybe also share these learnings and tools with your family and friends 

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