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Secret Sauce


Thrive Cafe provides research based menu that uses our Assessment-Reflection-Support (ARS) methodology for serving Awareness as Starters, Acceptance as Mains and ending on a high note with Action. These 3 together fuels Autonomy, the primary ethical principle of mental health.  

A balanced four-course meal

The right nutrition for good emotional health. It is a set of Thrive Skills put together by our Team of Psychologists and derived from Neuroscience.

Multi course meal that starts with Awareness, Acceptance and Action.



The first successful step in a therapist - client relationship is creating self-awareness. The bond that creates this involves empathy and trust.

Thrive Cafe uses its immersive neuroscience-based activities & exercises to nudge effortless reflection and subsequent self awareness. 

This then sets the foundation for acceptance & commitment to change.



Thrive Cafe, with its carefully created content and assisted smart journal, creates a judgement free environment that helps us move from denial to acceptance. This means seeing the facts of a situation rather than how it should or shouldn't be. This mindset moves us break away from unhelpful emotions & thoughts and move into constructive action.



Progress follows actions; actions need commitment to change to something more healthy & constructive. 

Thrive Cafe's methodology seamlessly integrates learnt concepts in everyday life and personalizes them into your context. In addition, the assisted smart journal enables you to plan for real life practice, that will help you measure your own progress and growth.  



In psychology, autonomy means having the ability to control your life; exercise a choice and express yourself freely. As humans it fulfils an innate need for the power of free will. This honours the founding principle of Thrive Cafe, that everyone deserves an opportunity to take charge of their own emotional health, and the ARS process is just the enabler. 

- Relevant Stats - 

Users saw 13-15% improvement on self worth parameters within 6 weeks of using our product

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