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Thrive Cafe was created with the vision of Democratising Mental Health

Our mission is to create innovative & simple formats to make emotional health solutions more accessible for everyone. 


Emotional Health needs a well rounded diet plan

Our product help you get started on the journey towards positive emotional health.
It also keeps you engaged to create a sustainable and measurable impact.

The best of knowledge, experience and research to come together to create this simple & innovative solution that make mental health accessible to everyone.  

Self-Help Tool

Self-Help made easy with a robust curriculum of Thrive Skills designed to be intuitive and easy to apply, so You can stay in the pink of emotions.

A professional run
24*7 Helpline

Still cooking.....Watch out for this space. A first of its kind 24x7 online helpline that is designed for young people in their comfort zone. 

Measurement for sustained engagement 

Access the most proven, scientific & robust tools to guide your progress, measure the improvement and much more.  

Meet the Chefs

Swing open the doors to Thrive Cafe to meet the team of experts thats whipped up this diet plan. 
They bring their unique and diverse experience in creating this first-of-its-kind emotional health menu.

Our super-specialists

We are building a collective of deep specialists in their field, to fulfil the purpose of democratising mental health. 

St Johns Innovation Foundation

St Johns Innovation Foundation

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