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Welcome Leaders and HR to Thrive Cafe

We have the secret recipe to increasing emotional well-being, productivity,
and happiness in the workplace! With our SAAS product, you have the power to impact every member of your organisation so you can impact create the dream team that you always wanted. 

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Announcing the launch of our
AI powered Personal Therapist


Be your own therapist

The satisfaction of baking your first cake or making your first meal is unparalleled. Its the same with your emotional health. 

Thrive Cafe gives you all the ingredients, tools and secret recipes that help you become your own therapist!

Never Eat Emotions!

That’s not good for heath. An emotionally healthy individual would be aware of underlying emotions and embrace & manage them during times of challenge or change. It enables people like you and I to easily cope with pressure, have better relationships, better conversations and bounce back after setbacks. 

Emotional Health Menu

Emotional health is about how we think and feel, especially as we cope with life events. It is not about being happy always, but about being aware and accepting our range of emotions and how we choose the act on them.

Stress & Guilt

Stress, Guilt and Prioritisation

Everyone is so overworked these days, or so it seems. Truth is that if we learnt to prioritize better, we can improve our quality of life. Here, you work on guilt, overcome it, so you can prioritise better. 

Relationship with your inner self

Relationship with yourself & your inner circle.

Our emotional/mental health is directly linked to the quality of our relationships. Learn how to understand yourself better, and others as well. So we strengthen our bonds and resolve conflict easily.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem

This includes the way we perceive ourselves, our values and our abilities. With healthy self esteem we depend less on validation from others, and are more assertive, motivated and at peace. 

Conflicts in Social Relationships

Empathy to build strong social relationships

Whether it is the workplace or extended family, we need functional relationships for healthy inter-dependence. Learning the formula for empathy so you can create a healthy eco-system.

Stress management

Bouncing Back with Resilience

We're all are mentally strong, but are we equally strong emotionally & socially?  This helps regulate unhelpful emotions in a healthy manner, and gives us ease in asking & giving help.

Clearing the head of clutter

And more....

Our Chefs are constantly cooking up more topics that improve your emotional health. Watch this space for more...

“I was able to understand myself better without judgement and that has helped a lot"
"I have more energy to be positive about every situations, no more negative thoughts about myself."
“I have learnt to be more assertive and productive at work and my life. Am taking decisions with more clarity”

$1 invested in employee emotional health
has proven to give $4 in returns

We have the perfect solution for you. The Thrive Cafe platform is a unique solution designed by experts with over 100 years of expertise. The SAAS solution can be integrated with your existing systems and can offer standardized, measurable, effective tools for everyone to take care of their own emotional health

Check out our special diet plan
packed with nutrition
for good Emotional Health.

We make tough emotions simple for daily success. With a menu of Thrive Skills created by the best Psychologists from across the world and hard core science.


Out secret sauce to delivering measurable and sustained impact to our users.

Thrive Cafe provides evidence and research based emotional health menu that uses the Assessment-Reflection-Support (ARS) methodology for nurturing Autonomy while driving Awareness & Acceptance and finally Action towards a more positive goal.

The ARS methodology has proven to deliver measurable improvement of mental health among users.

Meet our Chefs

Swing open the doors to Thrive Cafe to meet the team of experts thats whipped up this diet plan. They bring their unique and diverse experience in creating this first-of-its-kind emotional health menu

Our Happy Clients

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